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Law enforcement in Austin is working hard to fight crime in the Austin area.  They, in conjunction with the prosecution in your case, are planning on bringing forward all items that may bring about a conviction in your case.  They are determined to penalize you and are backed by the full resources of law enforcement and the court.  This includes investigators, expert witnesses, and tough prosecutors.  If you have been arrested and charged with a crime in the Austin area, you need skilled legal representation on your side, and you need it fast. 

Choosing a criminal defense attorney is a crucial step if you have been charged with a crime.  You are legally represented by the individual you choose, and his or her presentation of the facts in the case and dedication to your case is vital.  If you are looking for an Austin area criminal defense attorney, call The Law Office of Meredith Troberman immediately for a review of your case.  As each case is a unique situation, you need the advice and experience of a qualified defense attorney. 

Meredith Troberman has spent her entire career working within the criminal justice system. After graduating from law school, she went to work for famed San Antonio Criminal Defense Firm Goldstein, Goldstein and Hilley. Meredith then spent several years as a Travis County prosecutor. As a former Travis County Prosecutor, Meredith has an “inside perspective” on the way the system works.  She has extensive experience inside the courtroom as well as behind the scenes negotiating cases. Meredith is excited to put that experience to work for you. She will provide you with answers to all your questions as well as  review with you the options that may be available in your case.  Many cases never make it to trial.  Many charges are dismissed or charges are reduced.  It is important to determine all of the options available in your case and having a person who is familiar with the process is crucial.

Austin Criminal Lawyer

Attorney Meredith Troberman brings real skill and experience to each and every case she handles. Success in the courtroom and an excellent track record for negotiations prior to trial is only part of the story.  Compassion and understanding for you and a willingness to go the distance is what you need if you have been charged with any crime in the Austin area.  Don't take chances when choosing your criminal defense attorney. If you have been arrested, Meredith Troberman is always looking out for the best interest of the client and is eager to do what it takes to achieve the best results.

No matter what the crime may be, with attorney Meredith Troberman, you have an attorney that is dedicated to your case.  Call the Law Office of Meredith Troberman as quickly as possible after you have been arrested.  There are aspects to any criminal arrest that need to be addressed immediately.  The evidence against you must be reviewed; there may be other needed evidence or witnesses that can quickly become difficult to find if you wait.  You will be happy to discover that the services of the Law Office of Meredith Troberman is also affordably priced. Some of the types of crimes that can be defended by the Law Office of Meredith Troberman include:

DWI Defense

Drug Crimes

Theft Crimes

Violent Crimes

Domestic Violence

White Collar Crimes


When you contact the firm after being arrested for a crime, you will not be handled by a "case manager" or other assistant.  You need to talk to an attorney about your case.  A criminal case against you is serious and you face life changing consequences.  Penalties in Texas are harsh and fines are steep, including prison time.  You need protection and you need real dedication to the fight. When you call the Law Office of Meredith Troberman, you will have the opportunity to speak to the lawyer directly.  A free consultation with Meredith will be immediately arranged.  The attorney needs the details of your arrest and charge to determine what can be done to maximize the potential of a good result in your defense.  Call immediately.